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Got a call from 08454290004? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 06 Oct 2017.

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Akin11 Mar 2016

Accident claim scam. - caller: 0845 429 0004

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Katy11 Mar 2016

Got a call from this number, it was an automated message asking me about life insurance- cold call, block! - caller: 08454290004

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chris11 Mar 2016

Called number back, recorded message asking about insurance claims for delayed flights. Cold call scam

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Matt11 Mar 2016

Someone asking about a car accident I've never had. - caller: 08454290004

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Anon11 Mar 2016

Scam... They keep changing their number and I keep blocking them... Ain't nobody got time for scum-bags like you! - caller: Scam compensation Call

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Tommo11 Mar 2016

Recorded message saying "Dear customer (who are you?) we've tried contacting you on a number of occasions (you haven't) to reduce your monthly life insurance payments". Complete scam. Cold caller. Do yourself a favour and block. - caller: Scam life insurance

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Jim11 Mar 2016

Life insurance crap. - caller: 08454290004

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Sam11 Mar 2016

Called me at 9:27 am and left a voicemail, it wasn't a full voicemail. It was the end of an automated message saying something like press 9 for savings or press 0 to opt out. I've just deleted it and ignored it

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Louis Paul11 Mar 2016

On answering this number they always hang up Most annoying as they have called several times and I am always disturbed early in the morning by them - caller: unknown THEY HANG UP on my answering

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Maff11 Mar 2016

Called at 09:31, as does every 0845 number. Weird really, if I get a phone call between 09:15 and 09:45, I'm almost certain it will be a cold call. Didn't answer, checked this site, seems it definitely was. Blocked!

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Georgia 11 Mar 2016

Got a call from this number Scam!! - caller: Claims

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Ruby11 Mar 2016

Automated cold call - BLOCK - caller: Nuisance call

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Dale11 Mar 2016

Cold calling scam. Disturbing me while working. - caller: 08454290004

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Kazzy14 Mar 2016

I had this this morning, too. - caller: NG (something or other... I missed the last bit)

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c robinson14 Mar 2016

called telling me I can get cheaper life insurance due to a change in government policy! - caller: unknown

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Susie14 Mar 2016

I'm so sick of getting these calls that, on the recommendation of one (rare) nice person eking a pittance making these calls who has since found a better job, I've decided to buy a whistle and blast it down the phone each time I answer one of these scam callers. Perhaps MY number will then be blocked. 😡 - caller: Accident and/or insurance claim

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Steve06 Oct 2017

Just another scam - Noticed this number not been mentioned for a while. Block it perhaps they kep it back until people got new phones.. - caller: Insurance Cold Call

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