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Got a call from 07441912148? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 07 Nov 2017.

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R Bridges20 Jan 2016

This is Emma's diary (pregnancy related) calling to tell you they are going to send you trial books that if you keep will cost £3.49 and you will be auto subscribed to receive 2 books per month unless you send them back and pay postage and packaging. They offer you no option to opt out of having to pay, do not answer this call useless you want to pay for something you do not want. - caller: Emma's diary

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Chloe21 Jan 2016

I have no idea who is trying to ring me. - caller: 07441 912148

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Jen22 Jan 2016

Ignored and glad I did looking at the other review.

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Sarah 27 Jan 2016

Had this number call me twice no voice mail left, I am subscribed to Emmas diary but don't want any books glad I haven't answered now. - caller: 07441 912148

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Sam25 Feb 2016

I ignored it, however, after looking on this page, it makes sense for it to be Emma's diary as I have just signed up - caller: Emma's diary

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Matt29 Feb 2016

Never signed up to anything remotely called Emma's diary so not sure why I keep getting these calls. I've not picked up once, and the keep phoning.

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Klaudia02 Mar 2016

I just had a call from this number too but I replied with a text asking who was calling and they're not replying.

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Stacy22 Mar 2016

Just missed the phone call but I guess looking at the other posts it will be Emmas Diary as I had signed up a few months ago. - caller: 07441 912148

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NICOLA10 Apr 2016

GO a call on 07/04/16 did not pick up who is it?

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Anouska25 May 2016

I've received missed calls from this number every day for the last week at around 1pm. They never ring long enough for me to pick up anyway. I also text but got no response. I am signed up to Emmas Diary but think I may try unsubscribe now or block the number. - caller: 07441 912148

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Brittany Thorley13 Nov 2016

So glad I didn't answer this call now considering the previous comments. I have also been receiving constant calls from an 0141 (Glasgow) number, which I answered yesterday - that was Scottish Power, who are apparently working with, you've guessed it, Emma's Diary. Pretty sure ED is selling our details to every third party going, which is appalling considering most of the people who sign up are either pregnant or just had a baby. Not happy, and will be unsubscribing and stating this as the reason why!! - caller: 07441912148

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Marta07 Nov 2017

I missed a call from this number today. I am registered with Emma's Diary and have been receiving random calls now from Scottish Power as well! Clearly they sell your personal details to other companies. I have just tried to delete my account but, surprise surprise, I can't find how to do it. I have changed all of my details though and unsubscribed from everything, hope this will help. - caller: Emma's Diary

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