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Got a call from 02037692030? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 12 May 2017.

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Ian09 Apr 2015

Suspicious call, no message left

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Cass14 Apr 2015

Called early morning. picked up but nobody spoke. Not the first time this happened. - caller: 02037692030

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tot15 Apr 2015

i just had a call from this number too - didnt pick up - caller: 02037692030

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Gunars16 Apr 2015

Hi They call every day but when you pick up there is no one.

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Dennis16 Apr 2015

Called my german number several times, no message, no answer. - caller: 02037692030

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Rodney16 Apr 2015

Had another call from these morons, had to get onto my crutches to answer only for them to hang up with a beep. I hope they burn in hell for eternity. - caller: probably some automated marketing research engine dialing ramdomly to vet whether numbers exist.

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Peter05 Jun 2015

They called me on my Hong Kong number - I didn't answer.

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LOH11 Jun 2015

Called. And I not dare to pick up. Since number from UK and I from Asian. - caller: +44 20 3769 2030

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Ben22 Jun 2015

Just got a call from this number but they hung up before i got to the phone.

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ARI08 Jul 2015

This number called me on my New Zealand phone tonight, no message left.

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Ian13 Jul 2015

I have in the past few hours been active on FXCM which I understand is very reputable and this page here is filled with adverts from them due to cookies on my computer. The phone call appears to be from a call centre promoting a rival of FXCM (and probably many other companies too), a nice lady with an Indian accent calling herself "Jane" agreed to try and find out where they got my number from before I speak to one of their salespeople (which I have no interest in doing).

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John Cleese's Extreme Testicles16 Jul 2015

Received this call around 2PM (British Standard Time) - I'm based in Ireland. Probably marketing/casino/other BS. Tried calling back as I receive/make calls from/to UK anyway, no answer. As speculated above, probably automated response machine looking for active numbers. I work in a call centre and the best advice for anyone with this kind of thing happening, you can call your carrier or landline provider to block the number but usually there's no point because these companies have multiple numbers to call you. Eitherway, it's not really going to make any difference in your life :) - caller: 02037692030

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Glenn17 Jul 2015

Just got a call from this number. Might be forex related ? Are the only ppl calling me from other countries to ask if im interested in dealing with them

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Super23 Jul 2015

Yeah. Pretty sure it's a bot scanning valid numbers. Pip index is the only UK people who have my overseas number. Guess they sold it to this nameless bot scanning company. - caller: 020 3769 2030

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Mit23 Jul 2015

Got a call from 020 3769 2030? Which is not first time, Kindly report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 23 Jul 2015 @ 16:04. - caller: 020 3769 2030

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Major Matt27 Jul 2015

several calls from this number to my Belgium phone, no messages and hung up when I answered. thank you for this service .

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Caro29 Jul 2015

I have got various calls so far from this number to my German cell phone, however, I did not answer as this number is completely unkown to me. - caller: +44 20 3769 2030

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Nz13 Aug 2015

Received a call to my NZ mobile from this number. Didn't answer. - caller: 02037692030

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pat26 Aug 2015

They want you to call them back & charge £2.50 per minute ........DONT CALL THEM BACK ! - caller: 020 3769 2030

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Alsaadi11 Apr 2016

This no. Called me twice on my mobile first time I answered and they just hanged on, 2nd time I didn't answer and checked the no. Google and read these reviews.

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Stephen Deutsch12 May 2017

Calls from various 020 3769 numbers: 1609; 5430; 1608; 1616; - caller: hangs up

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