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Got a call from 02036300298? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 02 Aug 2017.

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Max03 Nov 2014

A servey / data collection - blocking them is advisable

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Debbie04 Nov 2014

They called me and hung up but I will not be calling back to find out who it is !

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G Spud04 Nov 2014

They did not speak and they put the call down after a minute

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Georgia 05 Nov 2014

They keep ringing me and just hanging up, very frustrating!! - caller: 020 3630 0298

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richard05 Nov 2014

Received at least 8 calls from this number over last couple of days, they ask for me by my second name so they know who i am, but as soon as i respond and ask who it is they hang up. very annoying, possibly being charged just for answering.

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aj06 Nov 2014

Keep getting this number calling me,I have added it to my reject list but its somehow coming through.According to my phone the call is coming from Alexandria.Not happy someone I know nothing of has my number but also thats its a call from abroad.

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SA07 Nov 2014

They've rung me a few times but usually hang up straight away when I answer. Somebody tried to involve me in a survey today though. They had an old postcode of mine and knew my surname so I've no idea where they get their info from. The guy kept saying he wouldn't keep me long but talked so slowly without actually making a point or asking a question I got the impression the call was costing me money so I hung up. The number is now blocked. - caller: Didn't catch the name

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OJ10 Nov 2014

Called me several times first of all to do a survey, now I get 2-3 calls per week from them. Speaking in a middle eastern accent. Annoying to say the least. - caller: 02036300298

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John10 Nov 2014

It's the dreaded verso group again , somebody is selling our information to them don't answer any of there questions just hang up and block if you can - caller: Verso

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ian 12 Nov 2014

I've just received a call from this number it came up as London on my mobile I answered and they put the phone down I get between 8 to 10 calls a week it doing my head in .. - caller: London

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RD12 Nov 2014

I have been having 15-20 calls a week from this number the company apparently being called verso or something like this. Today I told then I did not want to answer any questions and would like my mobile number taken off there system. The woman on the other end of the phone laughed and said I will not do that and we will be calling you back and hung up the phone. I'm getting so frustrated with this how can I block this number? - caller: 020 3630 0298

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Mike Lomax12 Nov 2014

Sick of this number keep ringing me - caller: 020 36300298

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Not David13 Nov 2014

I received a call from this number asking for a Mr David <mumbled the surname>. I started to reply saying there has never been anyone by that name on this number, only to be interrupted by "Good morning Mr David <mumbled surname>". I very bluntly reiterated my previous point and they apologised and hung up. - caller: 020 3630 0298

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Louise Carmichael20 Nov 2014

Constantly getting phone calls from Verso. Want it to stop or they will be reported to the police. Government is bringing in a legislation that 'nuisance' calls like Verso will face a hefty charge. Wouldn't let me speak and continued to talk over me when I asked her to repeat which company she was from...... caller promptly hung up the phone - caller: Christine

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Di20 Nov 2014

Caller Keeps ringing my mobile then they hang up without speaking. Block this number as obviously timewasters

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hayley20 Nov 2014

Been having calls for a Few weeks had enough now dont know How they got number wish they do one - caller: 020 3630 0298

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S.G20 Nov 2014

Got a call from them today around 17:30 and they knew my name? they "promised" not to be a seller or whatever but I'm pretty sure they were taking money from me as i answered. She sounded foreign and I couldn't really understand what exactly she said /:

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TC20 Nov 2014

This company called me regarding an 'important survey' - when I asked who it was important to the Caller told me that if I hung up he'd just call back, and keep calling back until I answered the questions. Very unpleasant experience. - caller: Verso

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Sam21 Nov 2014

Called me about 8:30pm last night. No idea who or what it is but I hate these phonecalls!

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C21 Nov 2014

This number just called me, I have received a few call from then in the past couple of weeks since answering once. Very eager to keep you on the phone. I am blocking it after reading these posts. - caller: ?

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Yates21 Nov 2014

Just recived a voicemail from this number, even if you don't answer they intentionally leave you a voicemail just to be arseholes, I can hear talking in the background like a call centre or something

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Nina21 Nov 2014

They call me at least 5 times a day for the the past 7 months - caller: 020 3630 0298

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Ashley22 Nov 2014

Call from London? 3 - 4 times a day weekdays and weekends I do not answer as since getting a new number I have received a tonne of spam callers. they do not leave a message. I am on a do not call register and they still make their way through!! So frustrating!! - caller: 02036300298

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London girl27 Nov 2014

They called me and asked for my postcode then hung up when I got annoyed who does that? Blocked them. Don't answer their questions just hang up. - caller: 020 3630 0298

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Birmingham28 Nov 2014

I blocked this number after reading all the comments. My mobile does block the calls but still lets you see if they try to call again - and they do its so annoying i would of thought they would of got the message by now, they are desperate what ever they are up to. Thanks to you all the comments really helped me. - caller: 02036300298

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Kat 11 Dec 2014

Had three phone calls in the past two hours. Getting rather annoying now. Feel like telling them where to shove it. And I doubt if you called their head office number they'll do anything anyway.

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Anon09 Feb 2015

Following an insurance quotation on, this number persistently called me 4-5 times a day for about 10 days. Eventually, I blocked the number completely. - caller: Van Insurance

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Martin07 Apr 2015

Berso call 6 plus times a day. I tell them to remove me from their list, they clearly don't. If I don't answer the phone they let it go to my voice mail but don't leave a message. Cold calling should be outlawed. Parasitic pests. - caller: the whole damn company by now.

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Grievance Cell Verso Group09 Apr 2015

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We are a UK-based lifestyle survey and lead generation company ( working on behalf of the leading brands in the country. We respect your privacy and have no intention to cause any problem to you. We are not being able to address your concern per our customer service process as we do not have your details. If you do not wish to hear from us or take part in this telephone survey or have any comments or issues regarding the call, please feel free to call our grievance cell at 01582763090 or email us at

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Sam16 Apr 2015

The grievance cell number helped me stop the calls. Thanks Verso for sharing the information and taking prompt action. - caller: Verso

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