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Got a call from 02030510988? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 18 May 2017.

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Claire27 Nov 2014

just had a call from this number 22/10/14 saying that because I paid my debt the FCA were going to freeze my interest and contribute 40% towards my debts to pay them off - I laughed at him and asked if he thought I was stupid!!! he soon hung up!!!

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Jasmine 04 Dec 2014

No Idea missed the call but it's a bad number Aparently - caller: 020 3051 0988

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Martin05 Dec 2014

this number has just called me 5/12/14, I answered and said hello the caller then just hung up, number is now blocked by me on my phone - caller: no reply from caller

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PJ09 Dec 2014

BLOCK THIS NUMBER, IT IS A SCAM !!!!!! - caller: Unknown

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James20 Jan 2015

Said he was google uk looking for a payment for our SEO rankings. Either block the number, take pleasure in wasting as much of their time as possible or make jokes about his mum. In fact do all of those in a different order! - caller: Twat

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Caroline26 Jan 2015

This number called me today - from Abby dress asking me to send them a photo of my credit card - I have not sent a photo - what a complete joke who in their right mind would do that - caller: Abby dress

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Donny18 Feb 2015

Got a call from this number 02030510988 on the 18th Feb 2015, went to answer got hung up on this has happened over 20 times in 3 months by this same number I think it's a voip app that you can make up your own numbers on then by buying a lil credit or downloading apps you get free credit from the voip app too I think it's kids or a scammer as some people said they've spoken to someone on this same number which I don't believe anyway something should be done about it asap these sort of numbers should not be allowed and where did they get my number from in the 1st place? - caller: none

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Keith26 Feb 2015

Just had a call on this number and as I didn't recognise it, I let the answer machine take it and it came from a fax machine! - caller: No idea

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Paul22 Apr 2015

Just had a call but it seems to be from a fax. Unfortunately as I'm abroad and it came on my GSM via UK call diversion it cost me money to receive!!!

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jc23 Apr 2015

Just had an answerphone message that seemed to be someone trying to send a fax. This is the third "spam" empty call I have had today. - caller: unknown

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debs05 Jun 2015

got a call from this number saying it was for a survey and that I would be entered in to a prize draw. I said no about thirty times and he still insisted I do the survey I ended up hanging up the phone as he wouldn't go willingly. - caller: man

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Richard15 Jun 2015

Just called, but no-one there. Hung up. Why don't these people realise no body wants their calls. I've blocked it now anyway.

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spud25 Jun 2015

they rang 3 times and then rang off. Just another load of rubbish!

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Derek Pearson14 Sep 2015

Tried to tie me up on special promotion to make a will for £9. Female put me through to company rep who was obviously sat next to her who promptly abandoned the call when I asked for paperwork and an e-mail address. This is fraud and the people should be prosecuted, there must surely be an address for this number.

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shanks16 Oct 2015

Called me today 16/10/15 Brief pause of silence, sounded like there was wind on the microphone as if the person was outside. I said hello and after a few seconds they said hello and hung up. Most definately not a reputable number. Person seemed to be a woman. - caller: woman

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Mark23 Oct 2015

Two missed calls form this number. I am based in South Africa so not sure why I would be getting calls from a random number in the UK. Lots of references to this being a number used by telephone scammers so just going to ignore it. - caller: +44 20 3051 0988

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Annette11 Nov 2015

Caller said they were from my bank (called at 8pm) and had to clarify a direct debit that had been set up. Tried to clarify my bank details, I hung up, they recalled twice but from a private number those times. Do not answer, up to no good. - caller: Unknown, bad number

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Mr Jean Carlo Zoratti21 Jan 2016

this phone n° tryed to cal me in Belgium; I have been victim of a scam and this n° called me a few times last year in april (people of Brandt-Swift Associates - persons called Edward Thorne or Marta Cole - - the n° seems to be located in Daventry - caller: unknow because I don't answer but supposed to be a scam from apex-equities ( and a person called Dimitri Ivanov

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Linzi Gren29 Jan 2016

I was contacted today from; 02030510988 The woman on the line would not tell me the name of the company she represented, but said the call was in connection with a non-fault accident, specifically injury claim and compensation. She sounded young and spoke with an English accent. There was a time delay on the call. I became suspicious and I hung up on her. Having googled this number it appears to be used in connection with my attempted scams before. Thought you might be interested. Linzi Green Sent from my iPad

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spud18 Feb 2016

Just had a fax call from this number. My answering machine does not accept faxes. The call ended. No Idea what its about; bless them! - caller: no idea

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hannah15 Mar 2016

I often get calls from this number but it just bleeps, it is very annoying and someone needs to find the source and do something about it. - caller: fax

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Arthur Hunt25 Apr 2016

Leaves at least two messages a week on my answerphone.

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Mal Scott-Taggart13 Jul 2016

Series of clicks - caller: 02030510988

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owen glover18 May 2017

getting calls from 02030510988, they immediately hang up - caller: unknown

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