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Got a call from 01844398609? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 27 Nov 2017.

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Blaine12 Dec 2014

EE telemarketing (or it was today, anyway!) - caller: EE

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Emma15 Jan 2015

EE mobile

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Matty13 Feb 2015

Ring me throught the day, at the worst times possible, marketing shit

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Cookie Monster16 Feb 2015

Claiming to be calling from EE with a loyalty discount for me but could I confirm all my personal details for data protection? Erm no, I find it highly unlikely EE would be calling to give me discount when I'm on a 24 month contract and I'm not naive enough to divuldge personal information to random people who ring me up! - caller: EE (Apparently)

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Stan18 Feb 2015

Ignored it.

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Rachel20 Feb 2015

They keep ringing whilst I'm at work, answered and when they asked for me by name I told them they had a wrong number, he was very confused, tickled me though, - caller: EE

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Katie02 Mar 2015

It is EE. They offer loyalty discounts for customers, such as I have 10GB of data on my contract and not even using 1GB of it so they offered me a tablet for an extra £10 a month and I can use my data on it. It's a legit phone number. - caller: EE

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Ashley 06 Mar 2015

This number calls me repeatedly every single day and it's becoming very annoying. Telesales of some description I'm guessing. I never answer and they somehow haven't took the hint - caller: EE apparently?

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iPhone09 Mar 2015

Genuine phone call from EE - caller: EE

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j2talo10 Mar 2015

Genuine call from EE. Ended up with a tablet that I love for a very good deal! Well worth hearing what they have to say In my opinion! - caller: EE

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Martin13 Mar 2015

EE. Offered me an iPad for £25. Works out as £600...more expensive than in a store. When i pointed this out to the advisor she basically dictated why this was better (with no valid reason). Probably a good deal if the sales person had handled better. Not really a loyalty discount as i would end up paying more than in a store...where's the discount in that - caller: EE

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Vic25 Mar 2015

this number called me and I don't know who this is. I have no connection with it. - caller: 01844398609

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The Scared Man27 Mar 2015

I fear anonymous callers as the best of times but to know that I'm not alone causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. I watched as the dastardly digits forced themselves upon my screen, interrupting my p0rn time. I was too terrified to hit reject, incase the disease of that unknown number attached itself to my DNA, thus rendering me impotent via some hidden government nano-robot spying mechanism. No! I shall not be made to answer this hideous number. Get thee behind me Satan! - caller: EE

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Rose27 Mar 2015

Didn't answer - caller: 01844 398609

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Sarah 27 Mar 2015

Phoned numerous times but I don't answer

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Chris01 Apr 2015

BLOCKED IT!!! If you have an Android phone go to "Phone" usually at the bottom of the screen. Select the number, in this case 01844 398609" Tap the bottom left (left of the centre button) Select "Add to reject list" It works until they change their number. - caller: 01844 398609

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Crab02 Apr 2015

Always call during the working day; have never answered yet.

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Stephanie 09 Apr 2015

He said he was calling from ee but it sounded like he'd got tv on like it was in the living room.

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Ben09 Apr 2015

Apparently it's EE offering discounts and upgrades. Maybe legit but not having over my security details to find out. They rang me at the end of the day, I shouldn't have to justify who I am. - caller: EE

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09 Apr 2015

Did not answer as was driving - caller: Unknown

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MJK10 Apr 2015

Keeps calling but doesn't leave message

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CJ13 Apr 2015

EE calling to see how I'm getting on with my contract and give me unwanted/needed free stuff as I've got loyalty points with them - caller: EE

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Tony15 Apr 2015

Rang yesterday but left no message - caller: 01844398609

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Karen Spencer29 Apr 2015

Call from this number on my mobile. I didn't answer as I never answer calls from unrecognised numbers and they didn't leave a message which means I definitely don't know the caller.

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Elska leaks29 Apr 2015

It's EE offering you 'deals' - caller: EE

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G James30 Apr 2015

Keeps callin but doesn't leave a message - caller: unknown

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Smoods30 Apr 2015

Kept calling so I called back, a Scouse guy answered and said "hello ee" without any ring tone before hand or automated service every other ee number has. I asked why he's called so many times and he wanted my EE number. When I refused to give personal details to a stranger he sighed and got very agressive with me. I said I wasn't interested and not to call again. Low and behold they've called again today. Scam! - caller: ee 01844 398609

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Clara01 May 2015

This might well be EE calling but they never leave a message and are calling me several times a day, I have blocked their number now but it keeps going to voicemail where the only message is background call centre noise, but it is really annoying me now. - caller: EE?

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Teggy01 May 2015

Has rang my phone a good 5 times in the last month, always at bad times funnily enough and always offering me utter garbage (honestly if I've hung up or said I'm not interested 1000 times when will they take my hints) - caller: Probably EE

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Meg05 May 2015

Definitely EE. Amazing service. Received a Ipad at an INCREDIBLE discount with shed loads of data... Cannot believe it. Amazing. They said 30 days, only took a week to arrive! Buzzin' Didn't have to pay postage or anything! So happy, not a scam! - caller: EE

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