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Got a call from 01706398645? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 09 Feb 2018.

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Dave13 Mar 2015

It's Vodafone. - caller: Vodafone

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Tim ryan16 Mar 2015

I have had several calls from this number today!! Missed both calls and no voicemail was left! Am on vodafone and believe, from other sites, this may in some way be connected to them. - caller: 01706 398645

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Mr M French17 Jun 2015

They call me twice a day for the past three days and then just hang up if I answer it. - caller: Unknown

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mrs hughes24 Jun 2015

This number called my 14 year old daughter 3 times yesterday and 4 times today - caller: 01706398645

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Jim01 Jul 2015

It seems to be Vodafone but the callers are very unprofessional and rude. The last one just said "yeah? Wot?" when I called back. I had requested no more calls but they keep ringing. - caller: Vodafone

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martin24 Jul 2015

Keeps calling me and I keep declining

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nthomas4510 Aug 2015

so annoying - always just cuts out when you answer. - caller: no idea

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wayne25 Aug 2015

Keep calling me. Going to find out and rip there fucking head off. - caller: 01706398645

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Steven18 Nov 2015

01706 398645 - this number keeps calling my old mum , pretending to be Vodafone, 5 calls in last 2 days alone, bstards need hanging, its a good thing the aholes in government are doing something about it, NOTHING AS USUAL. - caller: 01706 398645

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J Robinson16 Dec 2015

Unwelcome unidentified call

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Bryan08 Jan 2016

15 calls from 01706398645 to my elderly fathers phone in the last two weeks.. none answered. He's on a Vodafone low use payg monthly tariff. Scam or not why would be move to £20/month unlimited txt and 30mb data when he's in his nineties and blind. See also thread under 01706398646. Seems highly probably the callers, whoever they are, have changed the last digit to try and defeat number blocking.

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Rich11 Jan 2016

Keep getting these missed calls - caller: 01706398645

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Emma26 Feb 2016

This number kept calling my daughters phone, I've asked several times for them to take the number off the database, each time i get some mouthy smart arse, they carried on calling her so i gave her a whistle & told her to blow down the phone when they answer.... think they've got the message now not to call!!! - caller: 01706398645

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B09 Apr 2016

No message

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19 Jun 2016

They do it for taking away money. Who would do that.❓❓❓❓❓ - caller: 07106 398645

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robert27 Mar 2017

9 nuisance calls that left text messages in early March 2017 Had to dial 121 to get message saying they had called 121 costs 30p each time Suspect Vodaphone ripoff of elderly & disabled who are not on contracts - caller: 01706398645

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Graham Howe09 Feb 2018

Comments on this and other similar sites suggest the number is linked to Vodafone. I contacted Vodafone, via their online chat service, after receiving a call from the number. Vodafone cinfirmed that the number is nothing to do with them and they had not been trying to call me. Number duly blocked! - caller: Unknown

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