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Got a call from 01252765422? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 19 Feb 2018.

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J Cairnie12 Nov 2014

Capquest-google this company! The search reveals cap quest who claim to be a debt recovery agency are in fact a bogus company as revealed by martin's money matters website. They are calling for a family member who has several credit checks done regularly as they are looking to purchase a property... - caller: Cap quest

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Old aged pensioner12 Nov 2014

I have never fallen behind in any payments in my life and DO NOT OWE A PENNY NOW to anyone, so if they are a genuine company then they need to get their FACTS right before they start harassing and yes, scaring old people half to death!!- they are bully boys!I moved out of a house 4 years ago and I believe it is now rented - I took that phone number with me hence the harassing calls - caller: Capquest

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Up to my neck in it ...14 Dec 2015

The number belongs to a company called Capquest, they are not as suggested a bogus company they are part of the Lowell Group and are based in WInchester. They also use 0333 999 7201. Debt collection companies have several different registered guises so they can pass your debt to an allied company and keep the debt running longer. They rely on thinly veiled threats to get what they want but the bottom line is just ignore them as they have no power whatsoever to enter your property or remove your goods. Never invite a debt collector into your property for any reason as this allows them to enter again. Keep them on the doorstep where they belong. They cannot force entry! - caller: 01252765422

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Ruth Croome19 Feb 2016

Unwanted nuisance call - caller: 01252765422

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chris05 Dec 2017

01252765422 ask me to call back on03339997201

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Jane Caitens19 Feb 2018

Received silent call from above number, responded by saying hello twice. But all I heard was the caller on the other end was the caller hanging up on me. Now that's pretty unnerving, to say the very least!!!!! They could've at least stated their intention of the nature of said call which really worries & bothers me!!!!! Please find out who it was, to put my mind at rest! - caller: Unkwown

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