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Got a call from 01225282029? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 03 Feb 2018.

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Ian20 Apr 2015

call from number asking for someone who wasn't me in regards to car accident !! Had my phone number for over 10 years - wouldn't tell me where they got number from or who they were.

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Ash21 Apr 2015

Call from this number on 17th April. Hung up when answered.

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Paige21 Apr 2015

Constantly being called by this number regarding car accidents which is a lot of crap as never even been in one! Blocked 3 of these numbers already & keep getting more calls daily!!!! - caller: 01225 282029

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Deb21 Apr 2015

This number just rang me about my car accident however every detail was wrong. She kept telling my I hadn't been informed or all the details . She wasn't impressed when I said if all the details you have a wrong how do you know I haven't been told everything!

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Kaylz22 Apr 2015

Phoned me yesterday didn't answer knocked it to voicemail didn't leave a message - caller: Unknown

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Tracy22 Apr 2015

My dads just had a call from this number asking for me. Haven't a clue who they are, how they got my dads number or anything. He lives 300 miles away from me too!

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Emma22 Apr 2015

I answered the call from them but didn't speak - they didn't speak, probably waiting for me to speak. Have no idea who they are or how they got my number. - caller: 01225282029

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THE WOOKIE23 Apr 2015


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do smith24 Apr 2015

Keeps calling me about a car accident, guess what I dont drive - caller: unknown

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Popple24 Apr 2015

CMC chancing their arm at the fact you may have been in an accident. if you have then the conversation will be very different than if you haven't been in an accident. DON'T give any genuine information to these people, they are NOT there to help you!! if you must speak to them make it all up...... :)

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steve24 Apr 2015

Wanted to know if i reported a road incident how did they get my name and phone number

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Tracy24 Apr 2015

Had a call this evening regarding a personal injury from a car accident I've never been involved in. Told them this. They then asked if I knew anyone who had been injured in a car accident. At this point I advised them that cold calling people fishing for potential personal injury claims was illegal and asked how they got my number. This confused the person on the phone as they said they had been given information that I was in an accident via a database. Not the case at all, so I threatened to report them to the Ministry of Justice. Caller hung up pretty sharpish and I doubt I'll be hearing from them again! If only they knew before calling that I work at a firm of Solicitors... - caller: Didn't get name of firm.

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Pete27 Apr 2015

yes, usual story. Call, rang off when answered. Ambulance chasers !! - caller: 01225 282029

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Herbie27 Apr 2015

This number called me today. I didn't answer, as I don't answer any calls I don't recognise anymore. If it is important they will leave a message! This number didn't, so they are now blocked.

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Dave27 Apr 2015

Was called today by this number in regard to a road traffic accident which is rubbish the caller then said they would remove me from the data base ..Spam callers ...waste of time and oxygen

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Harry27 Apr 2015

Got a call from this number and the caller hung up without speaking. I called them back and they advised that I had been involved in an accident (imagine that!) I advised that I hadn't and hung up. Spam caller - caller: Spam/Sales

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Pamela Austin29 Apr 2015

Just this second had a call from them asking for someone who wasnt me. I've had my number for about 10 years!! - caller: 01225 282029

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evidently I've had an accident and they are following up from a accident report !! Been driving 25yrs and nevre had an accident-- Said he was from RTC=-- why is nothing done about these people ??? - caller: 01225 282029

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Nigel R30 Apr 2015

Had a call from this number. Did not answer it. No voicemail left. I seem to have been getting these calls since I renewed my phone contract. - caller: 01225282029

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30 Apr 2015

These people have been ringing me a couple of times a week for at least 2 years! Always asking for Elaine Martin I have asked numerous times to be taken off their system and they are always rude.

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nic01 May 2015

Another call from these, I'm sick of telling them I haven't had an accident, number now blocked - caller: 01225282029

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Fibro Mum05 May 2015

I answered but didn't say anything. Kept call on mute without speaking for 5 minutes before they hung up. Not a word was said from their side. - caller: 01225 282029

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White Raven 05 May 2015

I had a call from this number, to my mobile from an aggressive sounding man who wanted to "talk about your car accident in the lat 3 years " I have had no accident. I do not own a car or drive. i have not travelled in a car that has been in an accident. Mr Aggro told me that his data base had all the information! I told him "No sorry, you are incorrect" and he told me to "Go f*c* " myself SCAMMER! DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL! - caller: No company name given

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Lady jane05 May 2015

This company keep calling me. I've had them talk to me about a car accident & other times they've hung up. I won't answer again!!! - caller: Cold calling

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kirsty06 May 2015

had a missed call from this number - no voicemail! thanks to these comments, i can see it's a cold caller. would love to know where they get our details from, so annoying! - caller: 01225 282029

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Jay06 May 2015

Answered a call from this number and no sound or anybody on the other end - caller: 01225 282029

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Mark06 May 2015

When they asked about my accident, told them that I'd had one. That got them interested! Then went on to tell them that after a dodgy curry the night before, I was running to the bathroom and didn't get there in time. "It was a dreadful accident and to make matters worse, my wife doesn't know yet that the carpet is ruined - perhaps you could help me with that?". Strangely they hung up! - caller: 01225282029

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Nico03 Feb 2018

01225 405441 a woman with an indian accent claiming to be a network engineer for BT, hung up when I asked her name. - caller: Fake BT

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