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07980 597257
unknown text
Last Post about 2 months ago | 07980597257
07999 706133
I just got a call from an indian man saying he was from the credit investigation department. Very questionable so I hung up.
Last Post 3 months ago | 07999706133
07935 698492
Debt company - called stating they were ringing about my debt. I don't often get chance to say this, but at the moment - I DONT HAVE ANY... When I told them this, she said 'but yes you do. We have...
Last Post 4 months ago | 07935698492
07935 698492
Last Post 5 months ago | 07935698492
07935 698492
Called and asked for my husband by name. When I said he was out he cut the call. Funny that, cos the mobile number is mine (my husband has his own mobile and would never use mine).
Last Post 5 months ago | 07935698492
07935 698492
Called and claimed to have gotten my number from a "debt forum" - lied to me saying that one of my creditors placed the number on there. When I asked for web address of forum or details of the cred...
Last Post 5 months ago | 07935698492
07955 665335
Anonymous caller multiple times when answer no one there when call back count connect THIS IS A SCAM NO ? Totally annoying
Last Post 5 months ago | 07955665335
07953 966066
This number called at 5.20AM!!!!! Not a time anyone should be phoned
Last Post 7 months ago | 07953966066
07977 234423
Hi I've just had a call from a man saying he was from The Citizens Advice Bureau !! He explained he was calling to help me with my debts and he had got my details from Experian , he had noticed I h...
Last Post 9 months ago | 07977234423
07956 219463
This number keeps phoning me but no voice at the other end but I can hear chickens and pigs in the background, kind of strange.
Last Post 12 months ago | 07956219463

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