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020 3687 0028
We are receiving calls from this number twice every afternoon, totally fed-up with it. On the odd occasion that the call has been answered, there is nobody on the line.
Last Post about 12 hours ago | 02036870028
020 3364 9489
Calls but leaves no message
Last Post 2 days ago | 02033649489
020 3817 6276
constantly call at least once a day asking for a mrs morris - no one of that name on my number
Last Post 4 days ago | 02038176276
020 3769 2100
Didn't leave a message. Probably scam. Calling number has a "virtual geographic" London area code, provided by DIDWW Ireland (see
Last Post 6 days ago | 02037692100
020 3745 6612
keep receiving unsolicited calls, trying to locate a person who does not live in my house
Last Post 6 days ago | 02037456612
020 3287 2062
Received calls from this number at least once a week telling me my computer is not working properly.
Last Post 7 days ago | 02032872062
020 3837 8986
Constantly getting calls from this no. and always when I am driving or busy. The frequency indicates that it has to a cold call and/or a scam. It's never a good idea to answer or reply to such a si...
Last Post 8 days ago | 02038378986
020 3063 9213
Got call from this number saying it was telephone preference service they asked about address which they already had and if I paid for phone bill by direct debit, it was at that point I hung up.
Last Post 13 days ago | 02030639213
020 3364 6546
agressive sales call about 'Your accident' - Hung up but they immeadiatly called back, very insistant to take my details. Heavy Nigerian accent is a bit of a give away ! Now Blocked. Ambulance...
Last Post 13 days ago | 02033646546
020 3063 9213
Got a call today, 15/02/2017, from this number saying he was from Telephone Preference, checking to see if I still get calls from unwanted numbers. I said yes. He checked my name and address (he al...
Last Post 14 days ago | 02030639213

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