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01992 715269
This is almost certainly one of the now common nuisance callers. They seem to be using a voice-activated system which rings a number of people at once, and the first person to speak is connected t...
Last Post 17 days ago | 01992715269
01992 282592
Yet another PPI company
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01992282592
01992 282496
3 calls in one day.. when I answer they just hang up ffs!!!!
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01992282496
01992 641145
This number keeps calling me and starting to piss me off
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01992641145
01992 282063
harringtons advisory ltd .inwood house, bury, manchester, bl9 0ln. using local area codes .
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01992282063
01992 282937
Blocked them on landline now they keep calling on mobile using different digit with similar number. Always from Lea Valley area. It relates to unclaimed personal injury and accident claim. Gettin...
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01992282937
01992 282251
I have a missed call from this number. who is it please?
Last Post about 2 years ago | 01992282251
01992 282805
Called me about an accident I supposedly had 3 years ago.
Last Post about 2 years ago | 01992282805
01992 282596
Another number to my reject list. Trying to talk about the bad credit file.. bull shit
Last Post about 2 years ago | 01992282596
01992 822851
said to be from 'Which' magazine offering 50% discount for 'information' ~ challenged about calling on a Sunday, then asking a proposed sequence of 'security' questions against a stated 'recorded c...
Last Post about 2 years ago | 01992822851

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