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01706 398646
Regularly getting missed calls from this number, please sort it out. I am a PAY GO as well with Vodafone, please do something about this number??
Last Post 2 days ago | 01706398646
01706 398646
Just had a call from scamcity aka Rochdale claiming to be from Vodafone. However it could be vodafone as their rewards as usually scams lol. Anyway I've asked them to ring back tomorrow, because I'...
Last Post 13 days ago | 01706398646
01706 314349
Have missed several calls from this number, not one I know but would like to know who it is
Last Post 19 days ago | 01706314349
01706 314506
i have had this phone number 01706 314506 ringing me fed up now rings and no answer think last time it was sales of something only once talk to me for the last few month rang me more than 7 times r...
Last Post about 1 month ago | 01706314506
01706 300390
Illegal to cold call phone numbers on isle of man
Last Post about 1 month ago | 01706300390
01706 218826
called frequently --- latest this morning at 7.59am. i dont answer these calls.
Last Post about 2 months ago | 01706218826
01706 218826
Same thing here. I was told me computer was being used for illegal purposes and Microsoft in Redmond had detected it. I've worked in IT for 23 years, so knew it was a scam right away
Last Post 4 months ago | 01706218826
01706 218826
Man with foreign (Indian sounding) accent phone saying he was from Microsoft Corporation. I asked for his number and he gave me a different number from the one mentioned above. I told him I was ...
Last Post 4 months ago | 01706218826
01706 314210
01706314206 ACCIDENT CLAIMS,,,well new on on me,, there so confident that it hangs up on answering,,thus you call back and it say hi welcome to accident claims thank you for calling back,,?? im ass...
Last Post 4 months ago | 01706314210
01706 398646
Many calls from this number. It is Vodafone wishing to make my PAYG into a monthly contract at much less than I pay now. I don't want a contract and told them so but they constantly call.
Last Post 5 months ago | 01706398646

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