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01522 719319
Hung up as soon as the answerphone kicked in.
Last Post 7 months ago | 01522719319
01522 577621
Several calls from 01522 577621 but earlier ones were cut off when we answered. The last one (4/10/16) was answered and the friendly and polite caller said that he was ringing about carpet cleaning...
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01522577621
01522 381127
Accident claim company (unsolicited)
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01522381127
01522 381837
This "company" is continuously ringing me about a potential accident I had 3 years ago. It is a local number and this disgusts me as I have had a family member die in a car crash.
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522381837
01522 381191
Number now blocked.
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522381191
01522 381375
Apparently motor legal services regarding an accident that I had in the last 2 years... When asked which accident, the girl was rude and terminated the call
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522381375
01522 381287
Another time waster, they claim to be a company called Expert Renewables and are supposedly based in Lincoln, also backed by the Government. Oh really, well I'm peed off with answering callers wh...
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522381287
01522 781895
Received call at 00:45 and 1:35 from this no., didn't answer as asleep, 15 more calls from unknown either side of these two, so assume same person who forget to set untrace for those two calls.
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522781895
01522 381449
I want this number stopped
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522381449
01522 381355
Car insurance scammers saying they have a file on you in relation to a car accident claim against you. Do not appear to be on internet
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01522381355

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