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01392 973119
calling numerous times each day has been going on for about two weeks
Last Post 7 days ago | 01392973119
01392 449008
I've had several calls from this number, and when I answer they hang up.
Last Post 9 days ago | 01392449008
01392 666050
this is a marketing call from exeter uni
Last Post 12 days ago | 01392666050
01392 973015
i read on other sites its about enegy or boilers
Last Post 3 months ago | 01392973015
01392 353110
Calling wife's mobile everyday think called emcat
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01392353110
01392 241790
This was a company called phonespot who were contacting me to renew my phone contract.
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01392241790
01392 971625
whats that all about....
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01392971625
01392 971810
Asked for me by name (very unnerving) said they were calling from 'Albany' regarding an car accident I'd had in the last 2 years, wanted to know if I was happy with the service I received on the ma...
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01392971810
01392 347365
Returned the call, it's a customer satisfaction survey service, for a car dealership, but probably used by other companies too? I had just visited Citroen to look at new cars.
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01392347365
01392 971810
Rang twice, answered and instantly hung up. Had a few of these types of calls over the past few months, all similar scenarios but just different numbers.
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01392971810

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