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01229 314714
Very rude call about domain names using outdated info. demanding to speak to the owner. Ignore.
Last Post 9 months ago | 01229314714
01229 314718
Asked to speak to the person who ran my website - said I designed and ran it which stopped her for a few seconds. Then told me my website was "illegal" at which point I cut her off and blocked the ...
Last Post 11 months ago | 01229314718
01229 314714
rude idiot names 'steven' trying to sell domain names. Seems like a fraud set up.
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01229314714
01229 314034
Northern woman trying to sell domain names making out Nominet had asked her to contact me (the business owner). Nominet supposedly wanting me to have first choice. When I said I wasn't interested...
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01229314034
01229 314712
This caller was foul mouthed obnoxious and rude to my staff when they asked him to ID himself
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01229314712
01229 314029
Trying to sell domain names pretending they were from BT.
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01229314029
01229 314029
Calling to say their client of 10+ years is closing down their business and they are selling their domain name which is basically just a "". Just say not...
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01229314029
01229 314708
Very aggressive and rude caller trying to sell domain names to my wife - threatened that failure to buy these domain would lead our company to ruin! The caller refused to provide his own name or c...
Last Post almost 2 years ago | 01229314708
01229 300051
Last Post about 2 years ago | 01229300051
01229 314713
They say they are trying to sell you a domain name to point to your own business website...but really they want you to pay them ridiculous amounts of money for them to forward traffic to your site....
Last Post over 2 years ago | 01229314713

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