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07441 911877
I had a phone call from this number telling me to pay outstanding parking tickets if hundreds of pounds and must be paid in 20 minutes otherwise it goes up when I challenged the caller he hung up I rang the number and has immediately been shut down for fraudulent activity
Last Post about 4 hours ago | Phone Number 07441911877| 074 Area Code
07880 600522
Got unwanted call from this number, stupidly answered it and got a person wanting to talk to me about my dog
Last Post about 11 hours ago | Phone Number 07880600522| 078 Area Code
0161 270 9814
Indian scammers pretending to be MicroSoft
Last Post 1 day ago | Phone Number 01612709814| 0161 Area Code
0121 427 3291
Last Post 1 day ago | Phone Number 01214273291| 0121 Area Code
020 3817 6276
constantly call at least once a day asking for a mrs morris - no one of that name on my number
Last Post 1 day ago | Phone Number 02038176276| 020 Area Code
01709 918625
Have had numerous missed calls and recently Had a phonecall from this number claiming to be vodafone. Said my bills have bedn noted to be higher snd wanted to help me save money.. Yet then asked for my full postal addresss to confirm i was account holder?? Uhh you rang me?! Bye! Scam
Last Post 2 days ago | Phone Number 01709918625| 01709 Area Code
023 3888 9158
2 days running a call from this number,when I answer,its silent.
Last Post 2 days ago | Phone Number 02338889158| 023 Area Code
0117 244 0393
Rang asking me to up my cancer research donation. Told me some lovely positive things they have managed to achieve with donations like mine. I rang cancer research, who ran a search on the number, then confirmed the call was legit & is a company that work for them. When they rang back I increased my monthly donation by just £1. They were thrilled. If you want the calls to stop you can answer an...
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 01172440393| 0117 Area Code
01670 870214
with immature names like this nobody would take me seriously, but icynene is a cracking product.
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 01670870214| 01670 Area Code
020 3769 2100
Didn't leave a message. Probably scam. Calling number has a "virtual geographic" London area code, provided by DIDWW Ireland (see
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 02037692100| 020 Area Code
01204 357360
This is a safe number, its MyDentist confirming appoinments
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 01204357360| 01204 Area Code
020 3745 6612
keep receiving unsolicited calls, trying to locate a person who does not live in my house
Last Post 4 days ago | Phone Number 02037456612| 020 Area Code
01908 677033
Who are these people?
Last Post 4 days ago | Phone Number 01908677033| 01908 Area Code
01233 648537
Have had several calls from this number over the last few weeks, have not answered any of them.
Last Post 4 days ago | Phone Number 01233648537| 01233 Area Code
01604 600321
unknown number
Last Post 4 days ago | Phone Number 01604600321| 01604 Area Code
01247 315564
01247315564 called Pakistani / indian male asking for me by name saying he was from Talk Talk . This is the second call today , first was a silent message. They say they are from Talk Talk but they are not these are Foreign Scammers trying to get your details.
Last Post 4 days ago | Phone Number 01247315564
020 3287 2062
Received calls from this number at least once a week telling me my computer is not working properly.
Last Post 4 days ago | Phone Number 02032872062| 020 Area Code
01709 918609
I am having repeated calls from this number and when I answer it's a foreign person who then hangs up. I know no one in Rotherham and don't give out my number I want this number barred from calling me
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 01709918609| 01709 Area Code
0151 650 6348
This number calls most days Digitel. Asking about phone lines etc. Asks for finance director. When I told him politely today I had asked and he wasn't interested. He put phone down on me, very rude.
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 01516506348| 0151 Area Code
0330 333 5899
i have call from this no caller told me he is calling from HGV license when I told I can t afford the price he aggressively said why you filled the form last year and 6 months ago what the non sense I asked is it a sin he said no but why you filled the form. very rude and aggressive.. name was yousaf
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 03303335899| 0330 Area Code
0161 776 6395
This number keeps calling me I never answer numbers that I don't recognise so I don't know the callers identity, but they are a bloody nuisance
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 01617766395| 0161 Area Code
01902 912435
the caller asked for mr jones, im not mr jones but went along with it they told me about an accident I had in the last 3 years, I went along with it all the way up to him asking me for personal details, I went along with it and gave a made up address. I don't just hang up, they keep calling and wasting my time, so I waste theirs. they think they got a sale, little do they know they have just ...
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 01902912435| 01902 Area Code
0161 820 0862
Unsolicited recorded sales pitch re boiler or similar but I terminated before ending. Do these people ever realise how much damage they can cause!? I am partly disabled and nearly had a painful mishap getting to answer the phone.
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 01618200862| 0161 Area Code
0121 100 9820
Not sure who called me, all I know is I was in an English lesson. I answered the call where it seemed to be an automated voice. I tried to listen to them but couldn't here in case of risk being caught. I attempted to call back or text and both ended with no response.
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 01211009820| 0121 Area Code
020 3837 8986
Constantly getting calls from this no. and always when I am driving or busy. The frequency indicates that it has to a cold call and/or a scam. It's never a good idea to answer or reply to such a site as if it's important from a known contact they would try a different relative or friend to relay a message.
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 02038378986| 020 Area Code
07584 409510
tried to tell me i had a traffic accident and i could claim...tried to shut him down ..but had to just hang up on him.
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 07584409510| 075 Area Code
0800 019 8239
They say it is for Fresh Start on behalf of Provident / Vanquis Bank
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 08000198239| 0800 Area Code
01925 320167
Several calls, no messages, don't recognise number. One warning on here re £15 charges when phoning back 😏 so I won't reply
Last Post 9 days ago | Phone Number 01925320167| 01925 Area Code
0333 678 0035
called my number asking for a name I have never heard of. I explained that person did not live here. They then asked if I was the householder. I put the phone down. Giving a false name initially is their scam to get to talk to you.
Last Post 9 days ago | Phone Number 03336780035| 0333 Area Code
0113 387 2246
The caller is a Building Maintenance Company called Mears. They will have obtained your tel no via telemarketing scams/ sale of personal details. I encourage you to report them as a nuisance caller. You can do this by simply googling "report nuisance call". If enough of us do it, they will receive a fine. They text me 3 times a week about an appointment I never booked with them. FRAUDSTERS.
Last Post 9 days ago | Phone Number 01133872246| 0113 Area Code

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